Michael R.

Why do I keep going to Jon Urla? He understands the musculoskeletal relationships within the human body. He has taken the time to learn my strengths and weaknesses. Each workout feels customized to my physical capabilities while minimizing risk of injury. I always feel better after our sessions.

Sharon E.

As an avid runner and marathoner, I have found that your Yogilates classes have been a necessary component to my training regimen from helping to strengthen my core, building flexibility and giving me that active isolating stretching that my muscles need. It has helped me race and recover better and has kept me injury free. 

In addition, the yoga restores the harmony and balance with the active lifestyle I lead.  Thanks!

Anita S.

You rock!! I just purchased and used your New York Style Pilates Intermediate Workout and I could not be happier. I had previously tried to use a competitor's product (Windsor Pilates) but was ultimately disappointed. I ended up giving the DVD's away. Your style of instruction is stellar! And your routine flows better than any others I've been exposed to. There's no 'undo' hype about your program. This truly is the real deal. As a former aerobics instructor and newly converted Yogilates-aholic, I'm hooked!! 

​What form of exercise works best for you?

After over 30 years of teaching and studying movement, kinesiology, and all methods of exercise, I've learned that what is best for people is to train with purpose and skill, and sustain that focus and awareness in all that you do. The body and mind always work together. To truly achieve complete fitness, you have to do a balanced variety of exercises, some aerobic, some strength, some flexibility, some balance, some coordination. To gain skill in each requires consistency and knowing what is right for your body at the particular condition it is in right now. That is difficult to know, but with the assistance of a knowledgeable teacher, it is possible to start from a beginner level and steadily progress to achieve optimum fitness and longevity. 

Private Pilates and Fitness Training NOW Online

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