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Private Pilates or Fitness Sessions NOW Online

Receive an individualized Pilates, yoga, fitness training and/or stretch therapy session with master teacher Jonathan Urla, MFA, NCPT, MES. ​Ideal for injury prevention/rehab, strength, assisted stretching, balanced muscular development, postural correction, and mental focus. More info.....

Jonathan is now LIVE STREAMING all his classes. Please click on Classes to sign up. 
You can also rent or subscribe to view all of our video workout classes. Click on Catalog to view selection.
​What form of exercise works best for you?

After over 30 years of teaching and studying movement, kinesiology, and all methods of exercise, I learned that what is best for people is to train with purpose and skill, and sustain that focus and awareness in all that you do. The body and mind always work together. To truly achieve complete fitness, you have to do a variety of exercises, some aerobic, some strength, some flexibility, some balance, some coordination. To gain skill in each requires knowing what is right for your body at the particular condition it is in right now. That is difficult to know, but with the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable teacher, it is possible to start from beginner and achieve optimum fitness and longevity.